1. South Island of New Zealand

    We’ve both already been here, but not together! Kirsten was born in Invercargill and lived in Christchurch until she was 9 years old and Mark took a campervan around a few years ago…..but it calls us again, and we can’t wait to trip around this amazing part of the world. High on our list is one of the hiking tracks (known as ‘tramping’ in NZ!), Queenstown and surrounding lakes, Fiordland and getting on a boat in the Milford Sound.

  2. Vietnam

    We are currently busy choosing a 2 week itinerary for this amazing country. We will take a bike trip, do a little walking, and spend some time on a boat in beautiful Ha Long Bay. A homestay and an eco hotel will be included in this trip, and we’re very excited our varying accommodations.

  3. Samoa

    A new country for both of us, we hope to find some relatively unspoilt islands and some welcoming islanders. The idea of discovering new beaches and feeling the heart of this part of the world which isn’t high on the tourist list is very cool for us. We want to visit 2 of the islands while we’re there, and go out on a fishing charter.

  4. Cook Islands

    Ahhh the amazing, beautiful, almost spiritual Cook Islands. I holidayed there with my family when I was 18. My brother and I totally fell in love with the island paradise and it’s gentle, accepting people and never wanted to leave – imagining our lives there forever. However, we did leave and vowed to return again soon. But it has not yet happened, and now I look forward to travelling there with Mark. So far in all my travels, nowhere has topped this magical place.

  5. Canada

    Not just for the incredibly progressive people and government, but for the incredible natural beauty and amazing mountains and wildlife, we have had Canada on our radar for awhile now. We hope to ski, take a cool railway journey and see a bear!

  6. Cuba

    Too cool and colourful to resist, this old-time town has got to be visited. We can’t resist the incredible art seen in the faces of the people, the pastel houses, the gangster cars, and the stylish fashion. We hope to feel the vibe of this place and immerse ourselves in it.

  7. Croatia

    The cobbled steps, and fortresses and houses steep up banks with crystal clear waters below is so very beautiful. Then there is the Plitvice Lakes National Park with all it’s natural majestic beauty. We imagine beautiful sunsets, with aperol spritz in hand and long smiles on our faces.

  8. India

    The colours, the crowds and the spices of India entice us to visit. Travellers tales from way back whisper of a spiritual rhythm to India that we want to feel. We want to hear the Indian accents at their origin, and witness first hand the burst of material colours, the vibrancy of the ceremonies, and the hum of a country that creates food