Best Restaurant in Canggu

We were lucky enough to gain a recommendation from one of the staff at our accommodation on our very first night in Canggu to this amazing restaurant.

In a little dining area of Canggu, that also contains a number of other great options, you will find the amazing BETELNUT! Opens for lunch and dinner, 11:30am to 10pm daily. We went there for dinner.

We didn’t have a reservation and there were a couple of people waiting, so we gave our name and sat at a share table at the bottom of the restaurant stairs, enjoying the street’s going’s on in this balmy (warm and humid) evening. Our wait was a short 4 or 5 minutes and we were escorted up some rather handmade stairs which were a little on the steep and uneven side, to an open air top floor with pretty low lighting, full tables and a relaxed vibe.

The menu was amazing. Not only was it healthy, but there were great options for us, and it was super cheap. For around AUD$4.50 you could get a Gado Gado bowl, and a bowl of Edamame for $1.50!

Hot Tip: Strongly suggest you order Fish Lilit. This is minced fish with freshly ground spices, cooked on hot coals and served on a stick of lemongrass.

We ordered a bowl of Edamame to share, a Veggie Patch bowl of roasted pumpkin, beetroot, cashews, feta, spinach, ruccola and shallots (AUD$5) and a Bali Salad of fresh spinach, long beans, grated coconut, turmeric, ginger, lemongrass, crispy shallots, cucumber, tomato and 3 x sticks of fish lilit ($AUD$5.50).