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A Kiwi, born about as far south in the world as you can get, I’ve lived in Australia for the past 20-odd years and been a passionate traveller since my first trip abroad at 13 to live for 6 months in the USA. Since then, I’ve taken myself, 300 pounds and a one-way ticket to London to live for 18 months at the age of 21, backpacked in Spain, and France, in the days of no mobile phones and with about 120 pounds to last a month, hitched through Italy, and lived in Rome and Ravenna, trying to learn Italian while eating way too much pasta…

I thought I would keep travelling forever. However while travelling in Sydney, Australia, I fell in love, married and raised 3 children. Once grounded in one (absolutely beautiful) city, I still travelled, but in more of a holiday-style, stealing time away from the binds of work and home responsibilities whenever I could.

And now, here I am, married to the love of my life, Mark, with our children either finishing high school, at Uni, working, or travelling themselves, and it’s time to ramp up our exploration of this wonderful world. This time, I want to share that journey with you. Please feel free to message me with any comments or questions, I’d love to hear from you.



My best ideas come when I’m lost in a new world, focusing on a fresh landscape or city. Working in the creative field now for over 30 years, I often gain inspiration when travelling, and besides the amazing fun and happiness I get from visiting new places, it continues to expand my mind and open new creative possibilities in my working world.

Since meeting the love of my life, Kirsten, we have been travelling and holidaying together every chance we can get in between running a marketing and graphic design business. Having recently sold our 9-5 printing business, our time has opened up considerably and we decided to start sharing our travels via this blog.

So armed with my trusty Canon Mark III, my new toy, the Phantom4 drone, and my computer, we will take you with us as we journey. From AirBNB huts to lavish resorts, I am ready! Together we are hoping to create an exciting journey for you to follow into different countries, cities, unique places with our tips, giving you ideas to build a trip of your own.

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