Work with us

About us

Mark Denning is a full time graphic designer, photographer and video producer. Kirsten Williams is a writer, researcher and marketer. We love to travel throughout each year. Together we help businesses by showcasing their services and products.

We review holiday accommodation, tours, restaurants, cities and travel destinations, attractions and products. If you’re interested in having us visit and review your business or you’d like us to review your product please get in touch with us. We travel all over the world and love a new reason to go somewhere.

Our packages include blogs and reviews on our website, instagram and facebook pages with photography, video, blog posts and drone footage.

Why us?

We’re not another ‘budget travel blogger’ (although we will sometimes do a trip on a tight budget to see a place in a different way). We travel to places, for a short period of time that says “holiday”. We are up for adventure activities, exploring and also luxuriating and relaxing, and we’re prepared to spend money to do that. And that’s what you want, right? People who want to spend their holiday money with you, just like we did. You want us and more just like us.

Our imagery, and writing is professional while maintaining a lot of our personality and personal style. We like to tell stories, and engage our followers. What we really want is for others to come on the journey with us through our blog posts, photos and videos and to be inspired to take their own journeys. Travel is enriching for everyone, we cannot say enough how much we get out of it – how much we love it.

How can you work with us?

  • Product or service review
  • Let us use your product or service and write a review, posting to our followers across social media and our website.
  • Photography and Videography services

Our equipment is state-of-the-art, and our editing is clean, creative and professional. We use:
Camera – Canon MarkIII
Drone – Phantom Pro 4
Full Adobe Suite of programs

Brand Ambassadorship

If you want to take it to the next level, and partner with us on an ongoing basis, we will work with you to become brand ambassadors for your product.